What I Eat in a Day (Asian) 🍲Cook with me!

What I eat in a day… A lot of you have asked and so I'm sharing for the curious ones! Is this considered healthy? I think it's not bad, but I realize it's a lot of carbs haha! I'm trying to eat vegetarian most of the time. Generally I love Asian food and am learning to cook more Asian meals at home! Noodles, soups, tofu, kimbap, congee, etc. Because of my Ayurvedic dosha (Vata, the cold, dry air type), I try to eat mostly warm, moist foods and less cold, dry foods like salads or chips.

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Artist of Life: Clarissa Wei

clarissa wei journalist

Clarissa Wei is a freelance journalist who recently backpacked across China, Taiwan, and Tibet for 9 months. She’s written stories for VICE, Eater, Los Angeles Times, and has appeared on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. This girl's got a taste for adventure and a drive to shift our society and environment. She's a living example of a true artist of life.

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Taipei Food: Best Taiwanese Breakfast

{ top row: sweet soy milk | chinese donut wrapped in green onion toasted bun } { bottom row: salted soy milk | sweet bun | green onion toasted bun with egg } If you follow me on Instagram or saw my recent video, you’ll know that I’m traveling in Taipei! ^_^ I’ve been vlogging most … Read more