253: Building Healthier Relationships And Stronger Bonds with Jola Jovani

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All relationships require nurturing and attention to thrive.While it’s crucial to pursue individual interests and goals, carving out time for our relationships enriches our lives in many ways. When we prioritize meaningful interactions, we remind ourselves of what truly matters and experience a sense of joy and fulfillment. Jola Jovani, a dedicated personal and relationship … Read more

Spring Morning Routine in My New Home 🌸

Wake up with me & spend a morning in my new house! My morning routine is ever-changing, but it always incorporates some self care, wellness, taking care of my space and doing something that sparks joy.

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250: Releasing Limiting Beliefs Through Self-Love with Julia Roman

Embracing self-love is a journey that requires genuine acceptance of our struggles and imperfections. Through this episode, we are reminded that self-love isn't selfish, rather, it's essential for fostering meaningful connections and positively impacting the world around us. Join us as we delve into an inspiring conversation with Julia Roman, exploring the profound impact of self-compassion and the shift that occurs when we embrace our inherent worthiness.

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234: Janet Wang on Discovering and Crafting Your Identity

Our individual experience and relationship with our culture can change with each season in our lives. It could be very different from the next person and that’s okay. In this episode, Janet Wang and Aileen talk about cultural identity, how this can evolve with our experiences, finding your career path, and finding the wellness practices along the way that work for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

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203: Sky Cowans on Growing From Judgment to Curiosity

We live in a world where judgment is a default setting. But if we were to collectively shift into curiosity instead, the world would be a better place! Everyone is unique, so why not open our hearts, celebrate those differences, and connect authentically with ourselves and others? Sky Cowans humbly leads the way to become “weirder and weirder” every day and invites us to do the same.

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8 Holistic Wellness Habits to Try | Holistic Health & Self Care Ideas

Sharing new holistic wellness habits that could improve your life. Which ones will you try?

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Healing on an emotional, mental, physical level 😭

Sharing my healing journey: what I've been doing lately to heal from burnout, anxiety, low energy & motivation, unprocessed emotions from childhood, allllll of that.

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160: Real Self Care & Diversity in Wellness w/ Balanced Black Girl, Les Alfred

“Forget what Instagram told you to do.” If the self care tips trending on Instagram just aren't cutting it anymore, this episode's for you. Les Alfred of Balanced Black Girl is sharing her insights on what self care really looks like and her work in the wellness space as a Black woman.

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123: Spiritual Self Care & How to Make Wellness Accessible w/ Branché Foston

“There's no mistakes. Everything is aligned.” I truly believe you can only figure out your true path by exploring a bunch of different ones first. That's how Lavendaire came to be, and that's how my friend Branché Foston has found her own true path: making wellness & healing practices more accessible to millennials, especially people of color (POC).

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101: Move + Meditate w/ Kait Hurley

Exercise and meditation can be incredible life-changing habits, but they're both also the hardest ones to commit to. Digital fitness entrepreneur Kait Hurley is trying to change that through her Move + Meditate practice that helps people cultivate stronger, more resilient bodies and minds.

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