203: Sky Cowans on Growing From Judgment to Curiosity

We live in a world where judgment is a default setting. But if we were to collectively shift into curiosity instead, the world would be a better place! Everyone is unique, so why not open our hearts, celebrate those differences, and connect authentically with ourselves and others? Sky Cowans humbly leads the way to become “weirder and weirder” every day and invites us to do the same.

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Daily Stretch Routine: 20 Min Relaxing Full Body Stretches

Stretch with me! This is a 20 minute easy daily stretch routine, including gentle yoga & full body stretching, for more flexibility, mobility & relaxation.

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My Night Routine 2021

Relax and unwind with me in my updated evening routine.My evenings are typically spent on self care, yoga & stretching, reading, skincare & resetting for the next day. What is your favorite evening habit that nourishes you?

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How to Heal Your Energy | 10 Exercises for Holistic Healing ☀️

Introducing an energy principle for holistic health according to Eastern wellness. I'm sharing the concept of how to heal & rebalance your energy, as well as 10 beginner exercises you can do at home to create a “water up fire down” state. These exercise routines come from a practice involving tai chi, qigong, yoga and energy healing.

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Healing on an emotional, mental, physical level 😭

Sharing my healing journey: what I've been doing lately to heal from burnout, anxiety, low energy & motivation, unprocessed emotions from childhood, allllll of that.

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88: Alternative Self-Help + Mental Health w/ Shannen Roberts

Let’s talk mental health. Today’s guest, Shannen Roberts, is the founding editor of The Strange is Beautiful (TSIB), a resource for accessible alternative self-help for mind obstacles (not “mental illness”!). Through the TSIB blog, zines, and events, Shannen and the TSIB staff create a positive community for understanding and healing your mental health.

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72: Finding Your True Self through Yoga w/ Kelly Smith

Looking to take your yoga practice deeper? Make sure your practice is catering to YOU and you alone. Today’s guest, Kelly Smith, believes there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to yoga. Through online classes and podcasts, Kelly empowers her students to explore their personal practice beyond the poses.

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6: Learning to Love Our Bodies w/ LifebyJazz

You’re only given one body to live in for this lifetime. Love it for what it is & love it fully. In this episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle, Aileen shares a childhood experience that sparked her body insecurities, and how her relationship with her body has grown today. Then she talks to blogger, coach and certified yoga … Read more

The Art of Finding Balance

balance blogSo many people talk about hustling hard, going fast, doing whatever it takes to get there. They view the journey as only a means to an end, rushing past the beauty of life in the present in hopes of making it to that future destination ASAP.

Admittedly, I've been there. But lately I've been reminded that this journey we're on should not feel like a means to an end. This journey we're on is the life we get to live. So how do you make the most of the journey? How do you enjoy living “now” while simultaneously hustling toward the future?

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