a cozy vlog: WFH, self care, weekly planning, cooking 💗

A cozy day in my life working from home, planning my week, with some self care along the way.

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My Night Routine 2021

Relax and unwind with me in my updated evening routine.My evenings are typically spent on self care, yoga & stretching, reading, skincare & resetting for the next day. What is your favorite evening habit that nourishes you?

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5 Wellness Habits for a Better You

habits choose wisely

Hi guys! This post compiles five wellness habits to try for a better you in 2015. Habits are the building blocks to your lifestyle, so it’s important to choose your habits wisely. This year I’m in the process of releasing negative habits and inviting positive habits into my life. This list is just a starting point. Remember to start small, work on only one or two habits at a time and make sure you’ve committed to them fully before starting to add new ones.

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