how I plan a product launch as an entrepreneur (BTS, photoshoot, marketing) 🌻

We’re launching new Lavendaire products on 10/22! Here’s a behind the scenes vlog on running an online business as a creative entrepreneur.

141: Building an Audience & Figuring Out Your Unique ‘Brand’ w/ Erin May Henry

Have you always wanted to start a YouTube channel or blog, but you're worried no one would actually be interested in what you have to say? Business coach & YouTuber Erin May Henry has a tough truth for you: You're probably right. BUT she also has the tips & tricks for you to change that and find your online tribe.

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78: Building an Online Freelance Business w/ Erika Ashley

There’s a reason “Just start” is top advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Often, what stops you from having that business of your dreams is just starting it. Business and media strategist Erika Ashley was pushed to start her own business while bedridden with arthritis. Today, she helps build other online businesses with features in major media outlets.

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