62: Volunteering Abroad & Finding Oneself w/ Kristen Noelle

Even if you’re lost, you can relax and love where you are right now. Today’s guest, Kristen Noelle, is the founder of Kay-Ten, a brand empowering women to find true beauty through self love and non-judgment. In this episode, Kristen and Aileen talk about lessons learned while volunteering abroad, juggling others’ expectations and honoring oneself, … Read more

How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life (Ikigai / Sweet Spot)

ikigai purpose graphic | lavendaire

Stuck trying to figure out what career to go into? Need help deciding what to do with your life? Use this exercise on the Japanese concept of Ikigai (reason for living) to find that sweet spot where your gifts, skills, passions, and values align.

How to Be a Student for Life

I’m an avid believer in life-long learning. Once you know how to learn on your own, you can really do anything. Almost all of the skills I use for my career, I learned online, and mostly for free. Here are my favorite online learning resources to learn anything you want.


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199: Art for Social Justice, Mental Health & Representation w/ Natalie Byrne

Art inspires and touches our souls. It has the power to bring us together and create incredible emotional experiences. Natalie uses her gift of creativity to paint the colorful world of her friends and family, one that brings peace and celebrates our differences. She believes in creating from the heart and not leaving anyone behind.

193: Dreams, Failures & Never Giving Up w/ Viet Nguyen

“You can’t fail if you never give up.” This is chef Viet Nguyen’s motto, a mantra that has seen him through incredible hardship and into inspiring success. From working as an exchange student to living in his car, Viet Nguyen will stop at nothing to make his dreams come true. He is a firm believer … Read more

190: Astrology for Healing, Business & Self Acceptance w/ Chani Nicholas

Life is a chaotic circus. One minute things could feel great, and the next things could seem absolutely awful. Amidst it all you might have asked yourself “What am I even doing?” and “Do I even have free will?” Chani Nicholas shares how astrology can help us cope with uncertainty, nurture self-acceptance and reveal our … Read more

184: Bitcoin, Money Systems & Women in Crypto w/ Natalie Brunell

Have you ever felt like you can’t get by in life no matter how much you work? Natalie Brunell believes the solution lies in Bitcoin. She explains Bitcoin for beginners, how it can revolutionize money for the average person (especially women), and just how broken our financial systems are.

183: Plant Witchery, Self Care & Spiritual Activism w/ Juliet Diaz

If you’re tired of buying crystals and candles in the name of self care, Juliet Diaz’s got your back. She shares how to treat self care as your birth right, ways to appreciate nature on a deeper level, and how to connect with yourself and your magic within.