How to Know What You Want to Do in Life | Choose Your Career

How do you figure out what you want to do with your life? How do you choose a career path? Today I share all the lessons & factors to help you figure out what to do, as well as how I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

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113: Navigating Career Paths, Passion Projects & the Job Search w/ Lauren McGoodwin

Today's guest is the expert on all things career, especially for ambitious women and anyone just entering the workforce. Lauren McGoodwin is a self-proclaimed “career center poster girl” and the founder of Career Contessa, a site dedicated to helping women build and excel in fulfilling careers.

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85: How to Get Your Dream Job & Internship w/ Lauren Berger

Ready to get your career together? Today's episode with Lauren Berger will set you on the path of success. Through, Lauren and her team helps students land the internship or job of their dreams. With 15 college internships under her belt, she's earned the expertise and title of “Intern Queen”.

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21: How to Land Your Dream Job/Internship w/ Intern Queen Lauren Berger

Lauren Berger is the founder & CEO of Intern Queen. In this podcast, Lauren talks about her journey through 15 internships in college, her struggles as an entrepreneur #girlboss, and practical tips on how to land your dream internship or job. Lauren Berger of Intern Queen