39: Building Your Empire in Style w/ Cara Alwill Leyba

With a picture in your head, champagne in your glass, and a little room for magic, you can build an empire. Today's guest, Cara Alwill Leyba is a six-time best-selling author and life coach taking a glamorous approach to self-help for women. This episode is a reminder for the aspiring girlbosses and entrepreneurs: It's easy to visualize failure–try picturing success instead.

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Magic is All Around (Photoshoot)

A while back, I posted a vlog following my first photoshoot for Lavendaire. Here are my faves from the outdoor set. Photographer Daniel & his assistant Clay are true artists; they know what they’re doing. I wanted the tone to be dreamy, soft, and imagined, so I seriously love how magical these photos turned out. I especially love that … Read more

Tinashe – 2 On (Lavendaire Remix)

Tinashe – 2 On (Lavendaire Remix) I’m excited to share my first remix under Lavendaire with you all! I started this remix a couple weeks ago, but I got into a super creative mode starting yesterday and felt like finishing this remix. I was in total flow last night and today; I worked on the remix from midnight … Read more