Get Your Life Together Challenge: Sleep Schedule

Starting the Get Your Life Together Challenge Series! This week, I'm focusing on fixing my sleep schedule, waking up and going to bed earlier. This is my biggest weakness, so bear with me lol. I'm a total night owl & have never been a morning person. For me, this challenge isn't about perfection, but about incremental progress! Any tips would also be appreciated 😸

The reason I wanted to start this series is bc there are a lot of “get your life together” videos out there, but they all seem to pack everything into one video/day, making it seem easy or that it's possible to get your entire life together that quickly. In reality, changing your life takes effort, consistency, willpower, patience, and time. This series is my live attempt to take a slower method and focus on a different area of my life each week.

Though I'm focusing on one area a week, I'm going to work on continuing and building all the improvements as we go. Hope you join me in this challenge! 🙂 #GYLT #GYLTchallenge

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GYLT Series

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