Watch this if you’re struggling in life 😩

Sharing a helpful way to view your life struggles, the difference between external challenges and internal challenges, and how to ease your suffering. This video was made in partnership with Adobe.

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change your life by changing your MIND. Let's talk about cultivating the right mindset, releasing limiting beliefs, transforming negative self talk and learning to forgive. Your thoughts create your reality. Everything—your life and your perception of the world—begins with how healthy your mind is. Let's reshape your mind to be strong, resilient, and supportive. I've changed my life this way and I know you can too. 💛

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79: Community Podcast Q&A #3

We’re back with the third episode of the Community Podcast! We have four members of the Lavendaire Lifestyle Community (from all over the world!) chatting about personal growth and lifestyle design: Calista, Amber, Claudia, and Esther.

The episode explores not taking your work so seriously, dealing with cycles of productivity and laziness, the one question to ask to find your Why, and how to balance responsibilities when you have a lot of them!

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