201: Manifestation is real: Science proves it w/ Jonna Rose

The brain is our control center, storing everything from our beliefs to our trauma. But did you know the brain is also a transmitter? Science tells us that we hold the power to heal our brains and change our reality through meditating and manifesting. Jonna Rose cleared her brain scan and now helps others do the same.

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Watch this if you’re struggling in life 😩

Sharing a helpful way to view your life struggles, the difference between external challenges and internal challenges, and how to ease your suffering. This video was made in partnership with Adobe.

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140: Mental Health, the Self Care ‘Trend’ & Social Media Anxiety w/ Dr. Ali Mattu

How much time did you spend on social media today? How much of that time actually made you feel good? Clinical psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu is sharing his thoughts on the mental health discussion, social media, and anxiety – as licensed professional and YouTuber himself!

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23: Habits, Productivity & Business with Maneesh Sethi

Maneesh Sethi is the CEO and founder of Pavlok, the behavior training wristband that changes habits with vibration, beep, and electric biofeedback. Today we chat about his journey travelling, lifehacking, blogging to boosting productivity in unconventional ways. Maneesh also shares about his experience on the show Shark Tank and living with Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek. … Read more

Knowing Your Mindset: Fixed vs. Growth

Mindset | Lavendaire.com

Do you have the right mindset? This lesson is based off the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. After reading about the fixed vs. growth mindsets and their consequences, I knew this concept was too important not to share.

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