167: Living a Compassionate & Conscious Life w/ Sorelle Amore

Be honest: Do you take more from the world than you give? Sorelle Amore had the “best job on the planet”, taking glamorous photos all around the world during three months of luxury travel. Today she's slowing down, staying local, and asking: Now, how can I *give* instead?

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160: Real Self Care & Diversity in Wellness w/ Balanced Black Girl, Les Alfred

“Forget what Instagram told you to do.” If the self care tips trending on Instagram just aren't cutting it anymore, this episode's for you. Les Alfred of Balanced Black Girl is sharing her insights on what self care really looks like and her work in the wellness space as a Black woman.

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140: Mental Health, the Self Care ‘Trend’ & Social Media Anxiety w/ Dr. Ali Mattu

How much time did you spend on social media today? How much of that time actually made you feel good? Clinical psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu is sharing his thoughts on the mental health discussion, social media, and anxiety – as licensed professional and YouTuber himself!

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91: Minimalism + Creating Meaningful Content w/ Matt D’Avella

“The whole point is to get past the ‘stuff'.” While we often think of minimalism as having less ‘stuff', it's not about the stuff at all. The goal is to get past the focus of material things in order to live a life that's truly meaningful to you.

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Productivity: How to Handle Distractions

Aimee Aileen Taipei

Hi all! Here are some tips on how to handle and avoid distractions, especially email and social media. Distractions happen to everyone, but we can learn how to manage them! Give these methods a try and let me know how it goes for you.

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Take Control of Your Time & Attention

{ take control of your time & attention } I’m trying to be more aware of how much time I spend on social media and find ways to be more productive and focused. Turning off push notifications has made such a difference in shifting the power back to myself and getting less distracted during the … Read more