Story of My 20s: How I Created My Dream Life

The story of my 20s: how I found my way and created my dream life. This is my artist of life journey, and it means so much to be able to share it with you year-by-year like this. I hope you appreciate the beauty that comes from being lost, in simply exploring and experiencing life.

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2021 Artist of Life Workbook | Inspire Brighter Days

2021 artist of life workbook by lavendaire

I'm so excited to share the newly designed 2021 Artist of Life Workbook! The Artist of Life Workbook is a guided journal to help you create your most intentional and meaningful year in 2021. With 150 pages of questions & exercises for self discovery, self love and life design, it's a tool to keep you inspired, motivated, and organized, taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Your Year of Crystal Clear Vision | 2020 Artist of Life Workbook

Start the new year and new decade with crystal clear vision. 2020 is the year to get clear on what you want and lead your life with purpose and intention.

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114: Pursuing a Creative Career Without a Back-Up Plan w/ Karen Rosalie

Today I have a dear friend on the podcast: Karen Rosalie! Karen is a photographer and founder of Rosalie Agency, creating campaigns for beauty brands like Summer Fridays, Kopari Beauty, and Living Proof.

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Create Your Dream Life in 2019 | The Artist of Life Collection

You can create the life you've always imagined. Give yourself the fresh start you need for 2019.
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Introducing The Artist of Life Collection, tools for self help, personal growth, lifestyle design, creativity, productivity and success.

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2019 Artist of Life Workbook & Daily Planner by Lavendaire

I'm so excited to present the Artist of Life Collection, featuring the 2019 Artist of Life Workbook and new Daily Planner by Lavendaire! It's time to level up your lifestyle design & live your best life in 2019.

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Clarify What You Want | Dream Life Series #3

It's time to clarify what you want and envision your dream life! Create a life plan using the vision exercises mentioned today.

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How I Changed My Life | Dream Life Series

You have the power to create a life you love. Join the Dream Life Series here.

Today I'm reflecting on how I changed my life over the years. Lavendaire began as a space to share my journey figuring out how to create my dream life… Now, I'm so grateful to be living it and I'm ready to share a thoughtful series on how you can make your dreams a reality too.

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