211: Atticus on Anonymity & Authenticity

Magical things happen when you put your Art into the world. If you have a passion, a message, or a vision that lights your soul, the anonymous New York Times Bestselling poet Atticus inspires you to share it. Define your authenticity and protect it at all costs. Choose to be seen for the right reasons. Align with your heart and never dull your light.

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200: Mental Health and Art Therapy w/ Amelia Hutchison

Trauma lives in the body. As such, a body-based healing modality like Art therapy is an incredible resource to heal deeper traumas. Art helps us reconnect with our intuition and subconscious. Amelia Hutchison empowers us to trust ourselves and find ways to nurture our life force of creativity. We are all artists. Whether it’s Excel spreadsheets, embroidery, or even parenting, creativity is different for everyone! Find ways to water those parts of your life, and allow yourself the freedom to create.

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199: Art for Social Justice, Mental Health & Representation w/ Natalie Byrne

Art inspires and touches our souls. It has the power to bring us together and create incredible emotional experiences. Natalie uses her gift of creativity to paint the colorful world of her friends and family, one that brings peace and celebrates our differences. She believes in creating from the heart and not leaving anyone behind.

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100: Things Take Time – Balancing Work and Creativity w/ Nomi of Piquetures

Today's episode is a fun treat for creatives, lost post-grads, and anyone feeling ‘stuck' in their path. We have on experimental audio-visual artist and full-time web developer Nomi, creator at “Piquetures” on YouTube. We talked about how Nomi works creative projects for 2-3 hours per day, why it's okay to take a gap year if you're feeling lost, and the power of collaborating with other creatives.

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66: Becoming Friends with Your Fear w/ Meera Lee Patel

There’s no magic solution to being successful and that’s the magic: You get to create the solution yourself. Today’s guest, Meera Lee Patel, is self-taught artist who became a best-selling author through years of trial and error. Her work inspires others to connect with themselves, each other, and the world around them.

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55: Living a Fulfilling Life of Love and Art w/ Nate Proctor

How can you confront your past struggles and use it to find your purpose? Today's guest, Nate Proctor, is a “curator of love and art” who combines his love for art and literature to start online discussion about mental health and self-care. In this episode, Aileen and Nate talk about Instagram as a space of acceptance, the power of writing letters to strangers, and how struggle brings you closer to where you're supposed to be.

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How to Tidy the KonMari Way

Tidy Blog

Recently, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and it changed my life. Since Kondo released the English version of her book this past fall, the NYT best-selling book has sold over 2 millions copies, and KonMari has become a worldwide phenomenon. After learning about the KonMari method—which claims that you only need to tidy your home in ONE dramatic swoop, and then never have to do it again—I knew I had to try it out for myself.

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BTS: Photoshoot with Lavendaire

Check out the behind the scenes vlog for my first photoshoot for Lavendaire~ Also, here’s an exclusive preview shot: ⤜ CREDITS ⤛ Photographer: Daniel Nguyen { Nuggets McAdams } Daniel Nguyen Photography https://www.d-nguyenphotography.com/ Instagram: @dnguyenphotography Assistant/Creative: Clay Boonthanakit { Dumplings McAdams } https://www.youtube.com/user/ClaydohBoon BTS Videographer: Tiger Souvannakoumane { The Tiger } https://www.youtube.com/user/mrtigerrr I’m excited to … Read more

Welcome to Lavendaire

Ahhh, so refreshing. I’m incredibly excited as I’m putting this new blog, vlog, and brand together. I’m not quite sure where to start, because I feel like I’ve been writing this blog my entire life—in my journals and occasionally on my personal blog. I write everyday but it never gets out there—all of my thoughts … Read more