I did a 40 day meditation challenge 😳 (vlog + lessons)

I completed the 40 day liberation kriya challenge! The liberation kriya is a 9-minute meditation done in a specific pose. It's both a physical and mental challenge meant to give you a fresh start. In this vlog, I'm sharing my experience and lessons learned through this challenge.

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Meditation Challenge for New Beginnings – Liberation Kriya

I'm excited to start this meditation challenge with you guys! The Liberation Kriya is a 9 min meditation for new beginnings, done in 40 days. It comes from Kundalini Yoga, and is meant to bring renewal and new beginnings into your life. Set yourself free from what no longer serves you, liberate yourself from old patterns & give yourself a fresh start.

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Liberation Kriya: Final Thoughts & Lessons

▸ How to do the Liberation Kriya: https://bit.ly/1sQN7pZ ▸ Liberation Kriya Previous Update Video: https://bit.ly/1tigvs8 Here are some (additional) lessons I’ve learned after completing the Liberation Kriya 40 day meditation: You will always have to put in effort. It never becomes completely effortless or too easy.  If you feel like the meditation (or journey) is effortless or easy, then … Read more

Commitment + Patience + Perseverance

// Subscribe to Lavendaire for new videos every Wednesday // Today I’m sharing the key lessons and mantras that I’ve developed from practicing the Liberation Kriya (Kundalini yoga meditation for a fresh start) so far. In this meditation, you have to hold a pose for 9 minutes (every 3 minutes, there is a slight change to the … Read more