80: How to Become a Digital Nomad w/ TJ Lee

Want to work from your laptop in a different country every month? It’s not always as glamorous as it sounds, but it’s the incredibly fulfilling life TJ Lee created for herself in 2016. A digital nomad and solo female traveler, TJ shares her adventures and authenticity from around the world on her YouTube channel CupofTJ.

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79: Community Podcast Q&A #3

We’re back with the third episode of the Community Podcast! We have four members of the Lavendaire Lifestyle Community (from all over the world!) chatting about personal growth and lifestyle design: Calista, Amber, Claudia, and Esther.

The episode explores not taking your work so seriously, dealing with cycles of productivity and laziness, the one question to ask to find your Why, and how to balance responsibilities when you have a lot of them!

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Rediscover Yourself & What Matters to You | Dream Life Series #2

Get to know yourself better in this segment of the Dream Life Series! Rediscover yourself (your strengths, passions, values and so much more) using the free worksheet here.

Do you know yourself well? Are you confident in what makes you unique? Are you utilizing your gifts, strengths and full potential?

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78: Building an Online Freelance Business w/ Erika Ashley

There’s a reason “Just start” is top advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Often, what stops you from having that business of your dreams is just starting it. Business and media strategist Erika Ashley was pushed to start her own business while bedridden with arthritis. Today, she helps build other online businesses with features in major media outlets.

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How I Changed My Life | Dream Life Series

You have the power to create a life you love. Join the Dream Life Series here.

Today I'm reflecting on how I changed my life over the years. Lavendaire began as a space to share my journey figuring out how to create my dream life… Now, I'm so grateful to be living it and I'm ready to share a thoughtful series on how you can make your dreams a reality too.

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77: Getting to Know Your Body + Period w/ Victoria Zimmerman

Understanding the amazing ways your body works can change your life. Today’s guest, Victoria Zimmerman, created Femmehead to share knowledge and empowerment surrounding menstruation. Through videos, courses, and a blog, she wants to teach everything she wishes she was taught about the female body.

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73: Starting Your Zero Waste Journey w/ Jamie Kate Adoc

Every effort you make to help the environment matters, even if it’s not perfect. Today’s guest, Jamie Kate Adoc, is a nurse and photographer who has been living her own zero waste lifestyle since 2016. Through her blog and YouTube channel, she shares videos about travel, food, minimalism, and what it means to live zero waste.

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68: Designing a Lifestyle of Minimalism, Veganism, and Travel w/ Jenny & David Mustard

If you’re waiting for “the moment” to know that you’ve “made it”, you’ll never find it. Today’s episode is a podcast first: Two guests…and they’re a couple! Through their YouTube channel and podcast, Jenny and David Mustard create quirky content related to lifestyle, veganism, and minimalism.

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Interview on WTF Am I Doing With My Life? Podcast w/ Kristy Arnett

I did an interview with the wonderful Kristy Arnett on her podcast WTF Am I Doing With My Life? Love Kristy. Love her podcast. You can listen to the full episode below. Make sure to check out Kristy’s story & other episodes on WTF Am I Doing With My Life? SO relatable and valuable.