138: Astrogeography, North Nodes & Finding Your Life Path w/ Dara Dubinet

Have you ever felt called to go somewhere else in the world? An unexplainable longing to experience a place that isn't where you are now? Astrogeographer Dara Dubinet explains what that call is and how answering it can set you on the life path meant for you.

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131: Crystals 101: How to Use Crystals for Beginners w/ Heather Askinosie

Rose quartz, clear quartz, phantom quartz – What's the difference? We love looking at crystals for their beauty, and you've probably heard that crystals are also used for their healing properties. But a lot of people never end up using crystals in a deeper way because there are so many crystals with different colors, shapes, and properties – it's hard to know where to start.

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127: Moon Cycles & Lunar Abundance w/ Dr. Ezzie Spencer

Photo credit: Inna Shnayder

If you want a way to stay grounded, try looking up! I'm chatting with coach and author Dr. Ezzie Spencer about the moon: how to keep time with the moon, setting intentions with the cycles, and why we feel connected to it.

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123: Spiritual Self Care & How to Make Wellness Accessible w/ Branché Foston

“There's no mistakes. Everything is aligned.” I truly believe you can only figure out your true path by exploring a bunch of different ones first. That's how Lavendaire came to be, and that's how my friend Branché Foston has found her own true path: making wellness & healing practices more accessible to millennials, especially people of color (POC).

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120: Self Love, Law of Attraction & Solo Travel w/ Jasmine Lipska

Delighted to have my friend Jasmine Lipska on the podcast! Jasmine is a YouTuber, travel vlogger, author, and content creator. Her passion is bringing inspiration and light to self growth and modern spirituality. She's currently on an indefinite solo travel journey, exploring and working from all around the world.

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105: Manifesting Your Desired Reality w/ Kimberley Wenya

If manifestation and the law of attraction has ever seemed too “woo” for you, this is your sign to think again and keep an open mind. Today's guest, Kimberley Wenya, is a manifestation and spiritual mindset coach who wants to bridge the gap between the “woo woo” and modern girl spirituality. Manifestation starts simply with being aware of your energy and thoughts, then deciding which thoughts you want to lead your life.

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98: Closing the Gap Between Science & Spirituality w/ Theresa Cheung

Bestselling spiritual author Theresa Cheung is back on the podcast to talk about seeing the future and living in the present with her two new books: The Premonition Code, sharing insights into the research around extrasensory perception; and 21 Life Changing Rituals, highlighting what you can do every single day to get out of your head and start attracting what you want.

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95: Tarot & Building a Spiritual Business w/ Brigit Esselmont

Exploring a completely new topic on the podcast this week: Tarot! Today's guest, Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot, is shedding light on what Tarot is and isn't and how you can incorporate the spiritual practice into your everyday life.

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Interview on The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

I did an interview with Kimberley Wenya on her podcast, The Kimberley Wenya Podcast! We talked about creating your dream life, my morning routine, living a high vibe life, synchronicities, and so much more! Listen to the full episode below: Check out more of Kimberley’s work about everything wellness, spirituality, and manifestation! Kimberley Wenya The … Read more