10 Years of Current Me vs Future Me (Results) | Visualization & Manifestation Exercise

I’ve become who I’ve always wanted to be! Reflecting on the past 10 years of Current Me vs. Future Me exercises, from 2012 to now.

Podcast Guests

This is a collection of all guests we’ve had on The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast. Popular Guests Rowena Tsai | Discovering Self Love, Defining Success & Life as a Creator (#109) Matt D’Avella | Minimalism, Simple Living & Creating Meaningful Content (#91) Liah Yoo, Krave Beauty | How to Build a Brand & #PressReset on the … Read more

109: Discovering Self Love, Defining Success & Life as a Creator w/ Rowena Tsai

This episode’s a highly-requested collaboration with YouTuber/creator Rowena Tsai! Rowena has her own channel on self care and productivity, and also Beauty Within: a beauty & lifestyle channel celebrating inner beauty and wellness.

102: A Mindful Guide to Zero Waste Living w/ Anita Vandyke

Zero waste isn’t just about the trash or the plastic. The modern environmentalist lives in a way that is mindful of their inner values, gentle on the environment, and still creative and chic! Today’s guest is Anita Vandyke: rocket scientist, blogger, and author of “A Zero Waste Life: A Thirty Day Guide”.

Konmari Declutter: Clothes & Makeup | Get Your Life Together

Declutter with me with the KonMari method! In this week’s #GYLTchallenge, I’m tidying my clothes, makeup and skincare, and organizing my closet and bathroom cabinets! Make sure you stay tuned til the end for the beauty & skincare GIVEAWAY 💝

Get Your Life Together: Digital Declutter Challenge

Let’s declutter our digital space! This week’s Get Your Life Together Challenge is focused on DIGITAL – a space often overlooked but very important in our daily lives. In this video I’m decluttering and organizing my phone, email, computer and hard drive files!

5 Secrets to Manifesting Money ft. SugarMammaTV

Ready to manifest money into your life? Today we have secrets for manifesting and attracting money: making personal finance fun, building passive income, setting money goals, and treating yourself. Thank you to Canna Campbell of SugarMammaTV for sharing her secrets!

7 Steps to Financial Freedom | Money Tips ft. SugarMammaTV

Everyone deserves financial freedom! 💵Today we share important money tips like how to save, budget, cultivate abundance, adopt a positive money mindset, and build passive income and wealth, featuring Canna Campbell of SugarMammaTV. Which of these steps do you need to work on most?

73: Starting Your Zero Waste Journey w/ Jamie Kate Adoc

Every effort you make to help the environment matters, even if it’s not perfect. Today’s guest, Jamie Kate Adoc, is a nurse and photographer who has been living her own zero waste lifestyle since 2016. Through her blog and YouTube channel, she shares videos about travel, food, minimalism, and what it means to live zero … Read more