161: Create Your Own Calm w/ Meera Lee Patel

What's the disconnect in your life right now? When does anxiety seem to creep up on you? Meera Lee Patel is returning to the show to share her insights on quieting your anxiety, coping with big changes in your life and the world, and cultivating a sense of inner calm despite it all.

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How to Overcome Fear & Self Doubt

Let's understand where fear & self doubt comes from, so we can learn to overcome them, change our mindset, and continue to live the life we want to live without holding ourselves back.

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107: Choosing Wonder Over Worry w/ Amber Rae

How do you tell the difference between worry that keeps you safe and worry that holds you back from growth and new experiences? Today's guest, Amber Rae wrote “Choose Wonder Over Worry” to share how she tells the difference: a journey through the inner world to come out and live your truth.

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Keep doing things that scare you (Picture Taipei Story)

Lantern Festival

Last month, I did something scary. I took a chance on myself and leaped before I was ready. I felt the fear and let it ride with me across the ocean to Taipei, Taiwan, where I starred in a film for the first time.

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The Power of Simply Asking

// Subscribe to Lavendaire to get notified of new videos weekly //  Ask and you shall receive: you’ve heard it before, but it’s easier said than done.  People are generally afraid to ask for things. Why? We’re afraid to look needy or stupid, or we’re just afraid of getting rejected. Learning to ask and being shameless about it is … Read more

How to Let Fear Be Your Guide

Fear. It’s what holds so many of us back from doing the things we truly want to do.  Fear signals that we are outside of our comfort zone and it’s meant to protect you (because yeah, you could get hurt chasing your dreams). But your fear can only see the danger, it can’t see how much … Read more