42: Health, Wellness and Mindfulness w/ Sarah Anne Stewart

Mindfulness heals all aspects of your health, including your body. Today's guest, Sarah Anne Stewart, left a modeling career to relearn her subconscious patterns around health and wellness. In this episode, Sarah Anne and Aileen talk about how food and diets can be healing with the right mindset.

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You Are Enough: Self Worth & Comparison Traps

you are enough lavendaire

you are enough lavendaire

Do you ever find yourself stuck in that “comparison trap” where you're getting major Insta-envy? Here's an exercise to turn that negative & insecure experience into a positive & empowering one.

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8: A Lesson in Self Love w/ Kajal Pandey

“The relationship you have with yourself is the only constant relationship you’ll have in your entire life.” – Kajal Pandey Truth: This is one of my favorite episodes to date. Kajal is a spiritual life coach and self love teacher, and she has so much wisdom to share. Listen as I share my story on how I … Read more

6: Learning to Love Our Bodies w/ LifebyJazz

You’re only given one body to live in for this lifetime. Love it for what it is & love it fully. In this episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle, Aileen shares a childhood experience that sparked her body insecurities, and how her relationship with her body has grown today. Then she talks to blogger, coach and certified yoga … Read more

Self Love

// Subscribe to Lavendaire to get notified of new videos weekly //  This past weekend I had one of those long late night talks about everything with my friend Christina—I want to share a bit of that conversation with you all on the topic of self love. She asked: What does it mean to love yourself? How can we … Read more

How to Stop Caring About What Others Think of You

Life is a lot easier once you learn to stop caring about what others think of you. This had been an issue for me since I grew up pretty shy, insecure, and awkward. And then it was an issue for me again as I decided to do something different with my life against the backdrop … Read more